Celebrate Heartworm Awareness in March with these special offers!

mosquito heartworm animal medical center of chandler andrea sticklandIt doesn’t take an accident to create a serious health risk for our pets. With all the recent rains, we have been experiencing an incredibly large amount of hungry mosquitoes! No only are mosquitoes a nuisance, they pose a life-threatening danger to your pets by spreading heartworm disease. Dog owners are encouraged to heartworm test and give prevention each month. Just as important, our house cats are at risk since mosquitoes easily slip into our homes. Now it is more important than ever to get your cat tested for heartworms and placed on preventive. There are little or no symptoms of heartworm disease in cats until it is too late. In fact, in 30% of feline heartworm cases, the first and only sign is sudden death.

Heartgard Animal Medical Center of Chandler Dr Andrea SticklandNow you can take advantage of specials offers from Merial makers of Heartgard®and Frontline®. Save $12 when you buy a 12 pack of Heartgard® Plus. Save up to $50 when you combine your Exam, Heartgard® and Frontline® purchases.* Please call us today to get your dog and cat tested and placed on parasite prevention at 480-339-0406. It is never too late to protect your pet.

*rebate value based on size of medication dispensed when you get an exam, heartworm prevention & external parasite protection.

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