Heartworms in Arizona

ahs logo info on Animal Medcial Center of Chandler Dr Andrea SticklandSome folks think that heartworms aren’t a problem because we live in the desert. Here is some great information about heartworms and mosquitoes in Arizona from the American Heartworm Society.

“There are different climates in Arizona, including micro-climates such as irrigated fields, backyard ponds, and man-made golf courses, which affect the severity and duration of the mosquito season. We also know that areas can have heartworm infection in wild species such as coyotes, and these infected wild animals can be a source of infection to your dog or cat as well. Despite the fact that heartworm disease may not be diagnosed as often in Arizona as in some other states, it is definitely present. In fact, heartworm disease has been found in nearly every county in the state. The American Heartworm Society recommends year-round prevention, even in states like Arizona. And remember, if your dog or cat travels out of state with you or to another part of Arizona where mosquitoes are common, they may be at higher risk of exposure”

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